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This part of BS EN 746 applies to all combustion and fuel handling equipment used in industrial thermoprocessing equipment which meets the definition for machinery given in BS EN 292-1:1991, referred to hereafter as equipment, e.g. furnaces, kilns, ovens, heating systems such as salt baths and melting tanks, and equipment such as integrated burners and torches used in casting machines, ladle heating, etc.

This European Standard applies to the handling of fuel immediately adjacent to the equipment but downstream of and including the main plant manually operated fuel shut off valve. It specifies the list of hazards, the safety requirements and associated measures as well as the user instructions relating to fuel handling and combustion equipment.

It applies to all forms of gaseous, liquid and solid fuel and any combinations of them in combustion with air or other gas containing free oxygen.

This standard also applies to gas torches, work station burners, working flame burners and other burners not integral with the plant, even though they are not covered by the mandate.

This standard specifies the requirements to be met by the manufacturer to ensure the safety of persons and property during commissioning, start-up, operation, shut down and maintenance, as well as in the event of foreseeable faults or malfunctions. It specifies the safety requirements at stages in the life of the equipment, and its design, ordering, construction and use.

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