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Electroacoustics - Sound level meters - Part 1: Specifications

Executive summary

Electroacoustical performance specifications of sound level meters.


This European Standard gives electroacoustical performance specifications for three kinds of sound measuring instruments:

- a conventional sound level meter that measures exponential time-weighted sound level;

- an integrating-averaging sound level meter that measures time-average sound level; and

- an integrating sound level meter that measures sound exposure level.

A single instrument may make any, or all, of the three kinds of measurements. Additional performance specifications are given for the measurement of maximum time-weighted sound level and peak C sound level. Frequency-weighting A is mandatory for all sound level meters specified in this standard.

Sound level meters specified in this standard are intended to measure sounds in the range of human hearing.

Two performance categories, class 1 and class 2, are specified in this standard.

This standard is applicable to a range of designs for sound level meters. Specifications in this standard for the response to sound waves apply without an operator present in the sound field.

History and related standards

This European Standard, in conjunction with BS EN 61672-2, supersedes

BS EN 60651:1994 and BS EN 60804:2001 which are withdrawn.

This European Standard includes the following cross references:

CISPR2 16-1:1999, IEC 60050(801), IEC 60942, IEC 61000-4-2,

IEC 61000-6-2:1999, ISO/IEC GUIDE EXPRES:1995.

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