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Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) - Part 4-5: Testing and measurement techniques - Surge immunity test

Executive summary

Immunity requirements and test methods relating to surge voltages and surge currents for electrical and electronic equipment.


This part of EN 61000-4 relates to the immunity requirements, test methods, and range of recommended test levels for equipment to unidirectional surges caused by overvoltages from switching and lightning transients. Several test levels are defined which relate to different environment and installation conditions. These requirements are developed for and are applicable to electrical and electronic equipment.

This European Standard establishes a common reference for evaluating the performance of equipment when subjected to high-energy disturbances on the power and interconnection lines.

This standard defines:

- range of test levels;

- test equipment;

- test set-up;

- test procedure.

This standard is not intended to test the capability of the insulation to withstand high-voltage stress. Direct lightning is not considered in this standard.

This standard does not intend to specify the tests to be applied to particular apparatus or systems.

History and related standards

This European Standard includes the following cross references:

IEC 50(161):1990, IEC 60-1:1989, IEC 469-1:1987.

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