BS EN 60079-1:2007

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Part 1 of BS EN 60079 contains specific requirements for the construction and testing of electrical equipment with the type of protection flameproof enclosure “d”, intended for use in explosive gas atmospheres.

BS EN 60079-1 supplements and modifies the general requirements of IEC 60079-0.

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Full content list - BS EN 60079-1 (including Scope)

Contents of BS EN 60079-1 include:

Terms and definitions
Equipment grouping and temperature classification
Flameproof joints
Threaded and non-threaded joints
Gaskets (including O-rings)
Mechanical strength
Width of cemented joints
Operating rods
Supplementary requirements for shafts and bearings
Joints of shafts
Light-transmitting parts
Breathing and draining devices which form part of a flameproof enclosure
Openings for breathing or draining
Composition limits
Elements with measurable paths
Elements with non-measurable paths
Removable devices
Mounting arrangements of the elements
Mechanical strength
Breathing devices and draining devices when used as Ex components
Fasteners, associated holes and blanking elements
Materials and mechanical strength of enclosures
Cable glands
Conduit sealing devices
Plugs and sockets and cable couplers
Verification and tests
Tests of flameproof enclosures with breathing and draining devices

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