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Environmental testing - Part 2.1: Tests - Test Ed: Free fall

Executive summary

Simple standard tests on free fall specimens for the assessment of safety requirements.


This European Standard assess the effects on a specimen of simple standard tests intended to be representative of the fall likely to be experienced during rough handling, or to demonstrate a minimum degree of robustness, for the purpose of assessing safety requirements.

This test is divided into two procedures. The first simulates falls which a specimen, normally in the unpacked state, could undergo during handling and is normally restricted to two falls from a prescribed attitude onto a specified surface from a specified height.

The second procedure simulates repeated falls which may occur to devices such as connectors or small remote control units which are normally attached to cables during use. Repeated falls onto a specified surface from a specified height are achieved by using a suitable apparatus, e.g. a tumbling (rotating) barrel.

The test in this standard is primarily intended for specimens not in their packing and for items in their transport case when the latter may be considered as part of the specimen itself.

History and related standards

This European Standard supersedes BS 2011-2.1 Ed:1977 which is withdrawn.

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