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Environmental testing - Part 2: Tests - Test Ea and guidance: Shock

Executive summary

Tests for determining the ability of electrotechnical products to withstand specified severities of shock.


This European Standard deals with tests applicable to components, equipments and other electrotechnical products, hereinafter referred to as “specimens”, which, during transportation or in use, may be subjected to conditions involving relatively infrequent non-repetitive shocks. The shock test may also be used as a means of establishing the satisfactory design of a specimen in so far as its structural integrity is concerned and as a means of quality control. It consists of subjecting a specimen to non-repetitive shocks of standard pulse shapes with specified peak acceleration and duration, namely the half-sine pulse, the final-peak saw-tooth pulse and the trapezoidal pulse.

The objective of this standard is to provide a standard procedure for determining the ability of a specimen to withstand specified severities of shock. The purpose of the test is to reveal mechanical weakness and/or degradation in specified performance and to use this information, in conjunction with the relevant specification, to decide whether a specimen is acceptable or not. It may also be used to determine the structural integrity of specimens or as a means of quality control.

History and related standards

This European Standard supersedes BS 2011-2.1 Ea:1977 which is withdrawn.

This standard is to be used in conjunction with IEC Publication 68-1.

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