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Electrical apparatus for use in the presence of combustible dust - Part 1-1: Electrical apparatus protected by enclosures - Construction and testing

Executive summary

Construction and testing of electrical apparatus protected by enclosure for use in the presence of combustible dust.


This European Standard is applicable to electrical apparatus protected by enclosure and temperature limitation for use in areas where combustible dust may be present in quantities which could lead to a fire or explosion hazard.

This standard specifies requirements for design, construction, and testing of electrical apparatus.

The ignition protection is based on the limitation of the maximum surface temperature of the enclosure and on the restriction of dust ingress into the enclosure by the use of “dust-tight” or “dust-protected” enclosures.

The application of electrical apparatus in atmospheres which may contain explosive gas as well as combustible dust, whether simultaneously or separately, requires additional protective measures.

This standard does not apply to dusts of explosives which do not require atmospheric oxygen for combustion, or to pyrophoric substances.

This standard is not applicable to electrical apparatus for use in mines susceptible to firedamp; nor does it take account of any risk caused by an emission of flammable or toxic gas from the dust.

This standard does not include other types of protection and is only applicable to protection by enclosure and temperature limitation.

History and related standards

This European Standard and BS EN 50281-1-2 supersede BS 6467-1:1985 and

BS 6467-2:1988 which is withdrawn.

This standard includes the following cross references:

EN 50014:1997, EN 50019, EN 50020, EN 50281-1-2, EN 50281-2-1, EN 60034-1, EN 60034-5, EN 60192, EN 60243-1, EN 60529, EN 60662, HD 429, HD 611.1 S1, HD 611.2 S1, ISO 178, ISO 4225, ISO 527 (series).

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