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ISO system of limits and fits - Part 1: Bases of tolerances, deviations and fits

Executive summary

Requirements for the ISO system of limits and fits together with calculated values of standard tolerances and fundamental deviations.


This part of EN 20286 gives the bases of the ISO system of limits and fits together with the calculated values of the standard tolerances and fundamental deviations. These values are taken as authoritative for the application of the system. It also gives terms and definitions together with associated symbols.

The major changes incorporated in this edition are as follows.

a) The presentation of the information has been modified so that the standard can be used directly in both the design office and the workshop. This has been achieved by separating the material dealing with the bases of the system, and the calculated values of standard tolerances and fundamental deviations, from the tables giving specific limits of the most commonly used tolerances and deviations.

b) The new symbols js and JS replace the former symbols Js and Js, i.e. s and S are no longer placed as subscripts, to facilitate the use of symbols on equipment with limited character sets, e.g. computer graphics.

c) Standards tolerances and fundamental deviations have been included for basic sizes from 500 mm to 3 150 mm as standard requirements.

d) Two additional standard tolerance grades, IT17 and IT18, have been included.

e) Standard tolerance grades IT01 and IT0 have been deleted from the main body of this standard, although information on these grades is given in Annex A for users who may need such grades.

f) Inch values have been deleted.

g) The principles, terminology and symbols have been aligned with those required by contemporary technology.

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