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Fume cupboards - Part 2: Safety and performance requirements

Executive summary

Requirements for the safety and performance of fume cupboards.


This European Standard, a part of the EN 14175 series, specifies safety and performance requirements and objectives for general purpose fume cupboards. In addition, dimensions and marking of general purpose fume cupboards are specified as well as requirements on the product manual to be supplied with fume cupboards.

Recommendations on the evaluation of conformity of general purpose fume cupboards with the requirements of this standard are given in this standard’s informative annex.

The safety requirements given in this standard provide a guideline for the construction of fume cupboards and serve as basis for testing of fume cupboards.

This standard does not address recirculatory filtration fume cupboards or fume cupboards for carrying out work on radioactive materials.

History and related standards

This European Standard together with BS EN 14175-1:2003 partially supersedes BS 7258-1:1994, which will be withdrawn once all 6 parts of BS EN 14175 are published. This Standard also partially supersedes BS 7258-3:1994, which will also be withdrawn once all 6 parts of BS EN 14175 are published.

This Standard includes the following cross-references:

EN 292-1, EN 292-2, EN 12600:2002, EN 13150:2001, EN 13792, EN 60529 and EN ISO 12543-1.

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