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BS EN 12457-3:2002 specifies a compliance test providing information on leaching of granular wastes and sludges under the experimental conditions specified and in particular a liquid to solid ratio of 2 l/kg dry matter in the first stage and subsequently of 8 l/kg dry matter in the second stage. It applies to waste which has a particle size below 4 mm with or without size reduction.

This European Standard has been developed to investigate mainly inorganic constituents from wastes. It does not take into account the particular characteristics of non-polar organic constituents nor the consequences of microbiological processes in organic degradable wastes.

The procedure in this standard is only applicable to waste material and sludges having a high solid content: the dry matter content ratio being at least higher than 33%. In addition, the necessary quantity of eluate in each step is obtained to perform the physical and chemical characterization of the eluate. Furthermore, the minimum dry matter content ratio is high enough to allow a sufficient mixing of the leachant and the test portion.

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