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This European Standard, a part of the BS EN 12373 series, describes a method for specifying decorative and protective anodic oxidation coatings on aluminium.

It is applicable to the specification of coatings, mainly of aluminium oxide, which are formed on aluminium by an electrolytic oxidation process in which the aluminium acts as the anode.

It is not applicable to the specification of:

a) non-porous oxide coatings of the barrier layer type

b) coatings produced by chromic acid or phosphoric acid anodizing

c) oxide coatings intended merely to prepare the substrate for subsequent application of organic coatings or electrodeposition of metals

d) “hard anodized” coatings, used mainly for engineering purposes, for which abrasion and wear resistance are the primary characteristics.

This standard is intended for use by purchasers requiring a product to be anodized and provides a checklist of properties which might or might not be relevant. It contains requirements to be agreed between the interested parties and is presented as a method for specifying and not as a specification; it is therefore not appropriate to claim that an anodic oxidation coating conforms to this standard.

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