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BS EN 10204:2004
Metallic materials. Types of inspection documents

What is it?

BS EN 10204:2004 is the European standard for inspection documents that authenticate materials used in metallic and non-metallic products. There is increasing pressure for manufacturers to prove that products meet certain chemical and mechanical properties. The documents detailed in BS EN 10204:2004 are a legal and regulatory requirement that must be provided to those purchasing products as proof of quality and product specification.

How does it work?

BS EN 10204:2004 outlines the inspection documents that your customers require. The standard applies to all metallic products, including plates, sheets, bars, forgings and castings. It may also apply to non-metallic products and is used in conjunction with information about the manufacturing conditions.  technical delivery conditions of the manufactured products. Documents required to meet BS EN 10204:2004 include proof of conformity, reports on manufacturing processes, audit reports and technical specifications.

Who should buy it?

  • Manufacturers of non-metallic products 
  • Manufacturers of metallic products

What does BS EN 10204 cover?

  • Contents of the standard include:
  • Scope
  • Terms and definitions
  • Inspection documents based on non-specific inspection
  • Inspection documents based on specific inspection
  • Validation and transmission of inspection documents
  • Transmission of inspection documents by an intermediary
  • Summary of inspection documents
  • Relationship between this European Standard and the Essential
  • Requirements of EU Directive 97/23/EC
  • Bibliography

What’s new? 

BS EN 10204:2004 replaces BS EN 10204:1991 which has been withdrawn

Why BSI?

We are global, we’re independent and we’re trusted service provider to 80,000 businesses. We operate in 147 countries and are the number one certification body in the UK and US. We created 85% of our portfolio because we know standards and we know your business. We’re leaders and we can make you one too.

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