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This European Standard specifies the requirements for the tolerances on the dimensions and shape of continuously hot-dip metal coated flat products (strip of all widths and sheet or lengths cut from it) with a thicknesses less than or equal to 3,0 mm of low carbon steels for cold forming and of structural steels. The thickness is the final thickness of the delivered product including the metal coating.

This European Standard applies to all hot-dip flat products with metal coatings for example of: zinc or zinc-iron alloy; aluminium-zinc alloy; zinc-aluminium alloy; aluminium-silicon alloy; lead-alloy, as long as the technical delivery conditions in each case do not contain any different or additional specifications and no other agreements are reached at the time of ordering.

This European Standard does not apply to:

  • cold rolled or hot rolled uncoated steel flat products
  • electrolytic coated steel flat products.

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