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This British Standard, a part of the BS 8213 series, gives recommendations on the design, construction, operation and maintenance of windows, including door height windows, for safety in use and during cleaning, including safe opening characteristics and the arrangement of window controls, to safeguard occupants and passers-by. The recommendations for safety for windows also apply to roof windows, where relevant. Guidance on safety for rooflights is excluded from this document.

The guidance given in this standard is in addition to legislative requirements, which take precedence, and is suitable for new buildings and for upgrading and refurbishment works. It is aimed at all those involved in the specification, design, selection and use of windows, including public authorities, house-builders, architects, surveyors, window designers, window installers, glazing contractors and building owners. It may also be useful to building occupiers.

The guidance is primarily intended for use in residential accommodation, but many of the recommendations are applicable to other building types, to which health and safety legislation applies.

Reach capabilities, recommendations on safety restrictors, basic guidance on design for safe cleaning and maintenance of external and internal glazing at height, and recommendations for safe working practices in the use of portable ladders where necessary, after assessment of the use of the other methods of safe temporary access given in this standard’s annexes.

This code of practice is not intended to offer comprehensive guidance for maintenance and redecoration of windows, where more specific safety measures are required.

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