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Workmanship on building sites - Part 3: Code of practice for masonry

Executive summary

Recommendations for basic workmanship on building sites in relation to masonry.


This British Standard a part of the BS 8000 series, provides recommendations for basic workmanship in relation to masonry but does not specifically address health and safety issues. For design aspects of masonry, the user is referred to BS 5628.

The aim of this British Standard is to encourage good workmanship by providing the following,

a) The most frequently required recommendations on workmanship for building work in a readily available and convenient form to those working on site.

b) Assistance in the efficient preparation and administration of contracts.

c) Recommendations on how designers’ requirements for workmanship may be satisfactorily realized.

d) Guidance on good practice on building sites for supervision and for training purposes; this guidance is not intended to supplant the normal training in craft skills.

e) A reference for quality of workmanship on building sites.

f) The recognition that design, procurement and project information should be conducive to good workmanship on site.

This British Standard does not necessarily cover the use of proprietary systems.

History and related standards

This British Standard supersedes BS 8000-3:1989 which is withdrawn.

This standard includes the cross reference:

BS 8000-2.

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