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Code of practice for the use of rope access methods for industrial purposes

Executive summary

Recommendations on the use of rope access methods for work at height.


This British Standard provides recommendations and guidance on the use of rope access methods for work at a height. It is intended for use by employers, employees and self-employed persons who use rope access methods, and those who commission rope access work, e.g. building owners and contractors.

This British Standard is applicable to the use of rope access methods for access to buildings, other structures (on or offshore) or natural features (such as cliff faces), in which the ropes are suspended from or connected to the structure or natural feature. It is applicable to situations where ropes are used as the primary means of access, egress or support and as the primary means of protection against a fall.

This standard is not intended to apply to the use of rope access methods for leisure activities, arboriculture, general steeplejack methods or emergency personal evacuation systems, or to the use of rope access (line rescue) techniques by the fire brigade and other emergency services for rescue work or for training.

History and related standards

This British Standard includes the following cross references:

BS 2830, BS 5974, BS 6037, BS 7883, BS EN 136, BS EN 140, BS EN 141,

BS EN 143, BS EN 149, BS EN 166, BS EN 352 (all parts), BS EN 355, BS EN 361,

BS EN 362, BS EN 374-1, BS EN 388, BS EN 407, BS EN 420, BS EN 567,

BS EN 795, BS EN 813, BS EN 892, BS EN 1263-1, BS EN 1263-2, BS EN 1808,

BS EN 1891:1998, BS EN 12275,BS EN 12277,BS EN 12492.

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