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BS 7950 specifies test methods and acceptance criteria applicable to domestic casement, top swing, vertical sliding and tilt/turn windows which provide enhanced security against unauthorized forced entry. It does not purport to provide a means of assessing total security against unauthorized entry.

BS 7950 is applicable to new windows as manufactured and prior to installation.

It is applicable to windows of any material or combination of materials including any hardware covering single and multilight configurations. The ability to gain entry by the breaking of glazing or infill panels is not assessed in this specification. Guidance should be sought into the security of glazing.

BS 7950 is applicable to windows with key unlocking hardware, and is also applicable to windows with other than key unlocking hardware when fitted with laminated glass.

For the purpose of this standard restrictors are not considered as part of the locking system; such devices are rendered inoperative prior to test.

This standard is only applicable to a complete window assembly or range of windows with a specific range of components.

BS 7950 applies to the following window types:

  •  casement: side hung (open-out and open-in), top hung (open-out), bottom hung (open-in);
  •  tilt/turn and turn/tilt;
  •  fixed light and dummy vent;
  •  top swing;
  • vertical sliding.

Compliance with this standard cannot be claimed in respect of individual component parts.

ISBN 0 580 28948 6

BS 7950:1997 supersedes PAS 011:1994, which is withdrawn.

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