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Smoke security devices - Code of practice for manufacture, installation and maintenance

Executive summary

Recommendations for the management and operation of companies manufacturing and/or supplying and/or installing smoke security devices.


Devices that generate smoke are not a recent innovation; they have been used for a wide number of applications for many years. They are, however, a recent addition to the security industry, where they play an important role in reducing the risk of property loss. This is achieved by providing protection to the premises in the time between an alarm activation and attendance at site by a keyholder. The smoke security devices are designed to fill the protected area with a dense cloud of smoke in order to reduce visibility to typically less than arm's length.

This code of practice has been drawn up to enable manufacturers, suppliers and installers of smoke security devices to meet minimum standards required for the safety of personnel and the prevention of damage to furniture and equipment in the protected premises. It is intended to be applied in addition to any relevant statutory requirements.

It is hoped that this code of practice will encourage and assist the good management of the manufacture, installation and maintenance of such devices, and that insurers, police, fire authorities and clients wishing to use smoke security devices will insist that manufacturers and installers of the devices comply with the recommendations of this code of practice.

ISBN 0 580 28252 X

History and related standards

This British Standard includes the following cross-reference:

BS 7858

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