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Weldable structural steels - Hot finished structural hollow sections in weather resistant steels - Specification

Executive summary

Technical delivery requirements for weldable weather resistant steels in the form of hot finished hollow sections of circular, square or rectangular form.


This British Standard specifies the technical delivery requirements for weldable weather resistant steels for general structural and engineering purposes in the form of hot finished hollow sections of circular, square or rectangular form. It also applies to hollow sections formed hot with or without subsequent heat treatment or formed cold with subsequent heat treatment to obtain equivalent metallurgical conditions to

those obtained in the hot formed product. However, in the case of hollow sections formed from plate and with the seams metal arc welded, this standard covers only the requirements for the plate material.

The products specified in this British Standard are equally suitable for bolted and riveted structures and are intended for use in construction. Requirements for tolerances, dimensions and sectional properties are specified in BS EN 10210-2.

This British Standard does not apply to products covered by BS EN 10025,

BS EN 10113 (all parts), BS EN 10155, BS EN 10210-1, BS EN 10219-1,

BS EN 10219-2 and BS EN 10225.

History and related standards

This British Standard supersedes BS 7668:1994, which is withdrawn.

This standard includes the following cross-references:

BS EN 287-1, BS EN 288-2, BS EN 288-3, BS EN 1011-1, BS EN 1011-2,

BS EN 10002-1,BS EN 10021, BS EN 10027-1, BS EN 10045-1, BS EN 10052,

BS EN 10079, BS EN 10168, BS EN 10204, BS EN 10210-1, BS EN 10210-2,

BS EN 10246-3, BS EN 10246-5, BS EN 10246-8, BS EN 10246-9,

BS EN ISO 2566-1, BS EN ISO 377 and BS EN ISO 15607.

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