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Code of practice for earthing

Executive summary

Guidance on the methods for earthing electrical systems.


This British Standard gives guidance on the methods that may be adopted to earth an electrical system for the purpose of limiting the potential (with respect to the general mass of the earth) of current-carrying conductors forming part of the system, and non-current-carrying metalwork associated with equipment, apparatus, and appliances connected to the system.

This standard applies only to land-based installations; it does not apply to ships, aircraft or offshore installations, nor does it deal with the earthing of medical equipment or the special problems encountered with solid state electronic components and equipment due to their sensitivity to static electricity.

This standard does not address electromagnetic compatibility requirements for earthing, nor does it give recommendations for functional earthing.

History and related standards

This British Standard supersedes BS 7430:1991 which is withdrawn.

It includes the following cross references:

BS 729, BS 951, BS 3019-1, BS 3288-1, BS 3535, BS 3571, BS 4293, BS 4727,

BS 5345, BS 6651, BS 7375, BS 7671:1992, BS EN 10025.

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