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Guide to the accommodation and operating environment for Information Technology (IT) equipment

Executive summary

Guidance on accommodation and operating environment for Information Technology equipment.


This British Standard gives guidance on the accommodation and operating environment within which Information Technology (IT) equipment and associated services are installed, including advice on:

a) construction and accessibility;

b) environmental conditions;

c) electrical power requirements;

d) operational safety and security.

This standard applies to IT equipment, whether portable or fixed, in enclosed or controlled environments typically occupied by people not exposed to dirty or contaminated conditions and it covers conditions typically found in offices, schools and domestic environments.

Many of the recommendations are also likely to be applicable to installations exposed to worse conditions, such as in industrial environments, construction sites or laboratories using hazardous materials, or environments that are not stationary.

This British Standard is designed to aid in the planning, installation and maintenance of IT accommodation and to give guidance to IT users at all levels. This standard assist individuals or groups such as directors, managers, architects, consultants, contractors, designers, engineers, IT staff, in their role as clients, users' agents, and others defining users' requirements.

This standard also provides guidance to relevant standards, legislation and recommendations from other bodies involved in the installation and maintenance of IT accommodation.

History and related standards

This British Standard supersedes BS 7083:1989, which is withdrawn.

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