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Code of practice for protection of structures against lightning

Executive summary

Code of practice for the design of systems for the protection of structures against lightning.


This British Standard provides guidance on the design of systems for the protection of structures against lightning and on the selection of materials. Recommendations are made for special cases such as explosives stores and temporary structures, e.g. cranes and spectator stands constructed of metal scaffolding.

Guidance is also provided on the protection of electronically stored data.

This British Standard outlines the general technical aspects of lightning, illustrating its principal electrical, thermal and mechanical effects. Guidance is provided on how to assess the risk of being struck and how to compile an index figure as an aid to deciding whether a particular structure is in need of protection.

The guidance provided is of a general nature and its application to specific lightning protection installations has to take into account the particular conditions pertaining to those installations. In cases of difficulty, specialist advice should be sought.

The principle informing the provisions of this British Standard is that of the “Faraday cage” form of lightning protection, and installations employing alternative technologies fall outside the scope of this British Standard.

Protection of offshore oil and gas installations does not fall within the scope of this British Standard.

History and related standards

This British Standard supersedes BS 6651:1992, which is withdrawn.

This standard includes the following cross references:

BS 729, BS 5970, BS 6330, BS 7430, BS 7671, BS EN 50020, BS EN 50164-1,

BS EN 50164-2.

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