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Loading for buildings - Part 2: Code of practice for wind loads

Executive summary

Book your place at the Eurocodes MasterclassesMethods for determining the gust peak wind loads on buildings and components.


This British Standard, a part of the BS 6399 series, gives methods for determining the gust peak wind loads on buildings and components thereof that should be taken into account in design using equivalent static procedures.

Two alternative methods are given:

a) a standard method which uses a simplified procedure to obtain a standard effective wind speed which is used with standard pressure coefficients to determine the wind loads for orthogonal design cases;

b) a directional method in which effective wind speeds and pressure coefficients are determined to derive the wind loads for each wind direction.

Other methods may be used in place of the two methods given in this standard, provided that they can be shown to be equivalent. Such methods include wind tunnel tests which should be taken as equivalent only if they meet the conditions defined in Annex A.

Specialist advice should be sought for building shapes and site locations that are not covered by this standard.

The methods given in this Part of BS 6399 do not apply to buildings which, by virtue of the structural properties, e.g. mass, stiffness, natural frequency or damping, are particularly susceptible to dynamic excitation.

History and related standards

This British Standard supersedes BS 6399-2:1995. It was a technical revision of CP3:Chapter V:Part 2.

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