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Maritime structures - Part 1: Code of practice for general criteria

Executive summary

General recommendations for design of any maritime structure.


This part of BS 6349 gives guidance and recommendations on general criteria relevant to the planning, design, construction and maintenance of structures set in the maritime environment.

This  British Standard is arranged on a topical basis. Section 2 discusses environmental factors, in which the environment is taken in its broader sense to include all naturally occurring phenomena likely to be found at a coastal site and guidance is given on methods of investigating and quantifying their effects. Section 3 gives prominence to the need to consider operational requirements throughout the planning of maritime works, although only limited guidance is given on some general aspects because the detailed functional requirements of individual structures are beyond the scope of this part of this code. Section 4 discusses sea state and gives guidance on the characteristics, prediction, recording and effect of waves. Section 5 deals with the selection and evaluation of design loadings arising from the environmental and operational effects discussed in the previous sections, taking due account of dynamic response and fatigue. Section 6 discusses geotechnical aspects, including ground investigations, soil parameters, and geotechnical design requirements. Section 7 gives guidance on the use and specification of appropriate materials and protective measures.

This Part  of BS 6349 also gives recommendations to assist clients and engineers to obtain the basic data relevant to the design of any maritime structure.

History and related standards:

This British Standard supersedes BS 6349-1:1984, which is withdrawn.

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