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Code of practice for design and installation of small sewage treatment works and cesspools - (Formerly CP 302 and CP 302.200)

Executive summary

Recommendations for design and installation of small sewage treatment works and cesspools.


This British Standard code of practice deals with the design and installation of sewage treatment works suitable for the domestic discharge from domestic and industrial communities ranging from single households up to about 1 000 population equivalent and with the storage of sewage by means of a cesspool, the contents of which are periodically removed for disposal or treatment.

Domestic discharges are taken to include those from schools, hotels, restaurants, etc., but the code does not deal with the treatment of trade effluents, or the effluent from chemical closets.

General guidance only is given on good design and installation practice. Particular requirements need to be determined by local conditions. The code’s recommendations should be supplemented as required by skilled engineering advice based on a knowledge of sewage works practice and of local conditions.

Materials for tanks and other structures are not indicated on the diagrams, which are included for guidance on general proportions and details of inlets, outlets and other features, and should not be scaled.

History and related standards

This British Standard encompasses the subject matter previously covered by codes of practice for small sewage treatment works, CP 302:1972, and for cesspools,

CP 302.200:1949. CP 302 and CP 302.200 are withdrawn.

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