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Sampling procedures for inspection by attributes - Part 1: Sampling schemes indexed by acceptance quality limit (AQL) for lot-by-lot inspection

Executive summary

Requirements for sampling schemes indexed by acceptance quality limit (AQL) for lot-by-lot inspection by attributes.


This British Standard, a part of the BS 6001 series, specifies an acceptance sampling system for inspection by attributes. It is indexed in terms of the acceptance quality limit (AQL).

The aim of this standard is to induce a supplier through the economic and psychological pressure of lot non-acceptance to maintain a process average at least as good as the specified acceptance quality limit, while at the same time providing an upper limit for the risk to the consumer of accepting the occasional poor lot.

Sampling schemes designated in this standard are applicable, but not limited, to inspection of: end items, components and raw materials, operations, materials in process, supplies in storage, maintenance operations, data or records, and administrative procedures.

Sampling plans in this standard may also be used for the inspection of lots in isolation but, in this case the user is strongly advised to consult the operating characteristic curves to find a plan that will yield the desired protection.

History and related standard

This British Standard supersedes BS 6001-2:1991 which is withdrawn.

This standard includes the following cross references:

ISO 2859-3:1991, ISO 3534-1:1993, ISO 3534-2:1993.

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