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Guide to the selection and usage of acceptance sampling systems for inspection of discrete items in lots - Part 3: Guide to sampling by variables

Executive summary

Guidance on the selection and usage of an acceptance sampling system, scheme or plan for inspection by variables.


This British Standard, a part of the BS 6000 series, provides guidance on the selection of an acceptance sampling system, scheme or plan for inspection by variables. It does this principally by reviewing the available systems specified by various British Standards and showing ways in which these can be compared in order to assess their suitability for an intended application. It is assumed that the choice has already been made to use sampling by variables in preference to sampling by attributes.

The guidance in this British Standard is confined to acceptance sampling of products that are supplied in lots and that can be classified as consisting of discrete items (i.e. discrete articles of product).

Standards on acceptance sampling by variables are applicable to a wide variety of inspection situations.

These include, but are not limited to: end items, such as complete products or sub assemblies; components and raw materials; services; materials in process; supplies in storage; maintenance operations; data or records; administrative procedures.

Although this British Standard is written principally in terms of manufacture and production, this should be interpreted liberally as it is applicable to the selection of sampling systems, schemes and plans for product and processes as defined in BS EN ISO 9000.

History and related standards

This British Standard together with BS 6000-1 and BS 6000-2 supersedes

BS 6000:1996, which is withdrawn.

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