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Code of practice for control of undesirable static electricity - Part 2: Recommendations for particular industrial situations

Executive summary

Recommendations for the control of undesirable static electricity for particular industrial situations during the handling of different types of materials.


This Part of BS 5958 deals with static electricity problems which are encountered in particular situations during the handling of different types of materials including liquids, powders, gases, sprays, explosives and electro-explosive devices. In each case, the source and nature of the electrostatic hazards and/or nuisances are identified and specific recommendations are then given for dealing with them. The static electricity problems that can occur with personnel and their clothing are also described and the precautions are given for avoiding these problems.

This British Standard includes new clauses on pneumatic conveying systems, flexible intermediate bulk containers, vacuum filters, flakers and centrifuge operations.

This Part of BS 5958 does not provide recommendations for the control of static electricity in the transport, handling, storage or testing of electrostatic sensitive electronic devices (ESD) or circuits. Reference should be made to BS 5783:1987 for this purpose.

Although lightning is a form of static electricity, it is not intended that this Part of BS 5958 be used to obtain guidance on the protection of structures against lightning. For this purpose, reference should be made to BS 6651.

History and related standards

This British Standard replaces BS 5958-2:1983 which is withdrawn.

This standard includes the following cross references:

BS 1435, BS 1870, BS1870-1, BS 2050, BS 3158, BS 3187, BS 4089, BS 5173,

BS 5173-104.1, BS 5173-104.2, BS 5351, BS 5783, BS 5842, BS 5958, BS 5958-1, BS 6651, BS 6656, BS 6657, BS 6742, BS 7117, BS 7193.

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