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Code of practice for Ventilation principles and designing for natural ventilation

Executive summary

Recommendations on the principles to be observed in designing for the natural ventilation of buildings for human occupation.


This British Standard gives recommendations on the principles which should be observed when designing for the natural ventilation of buildings for human occupation.

The standard is divided into three sections, which cover general recommendations, the main reasons for the provision of ventilation and recommended quantitative air flow rates, and recommendations on the design of natural ventilation systems and the estimation of air infiltration rates in housing.

Recommendations on evaluating contamination risks, calculating ventilation rates to reduce the risk of surface condensation under steady state conditions, determining ventilation requirements, calculating reference wind speed, and calculating natural ventilation rates for a simple building are given in annexes to this standard.

This standard does not attempt to address thermal comfort aspects of ventilation such as indoor air movement, temperature stratification, exact position of ventilation openings etc.

History and related standards

This British Standard supersedes BS 5925:1980, which is withdrawn.

This standard includes the following cross-references:

BS 2869, BS 5250, BS 5410, BS 5410-1, BS 5410-2, BS 5440, BS 5440-2, BS 5588, BS 5643, BS 5720, BS 6100, BS 6230, BS 6375, BS 6375-1, BS 8207 and BS 8303.

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