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This part of BS 5871 specifies installation and maintenance requirements for open flued decorative fuel effect gas appliances of heat input not exceeding 20 kW (see Note 2) burning 2nd and 3rd family gases in rooms or internal spaces in domestic (see Note 4) or commercial premises, including public houses and restaurants.

The provisions contained within this standard cover the selection of a suitable appliance, the ventilation and flueing requirements, and other measures necessary to ensure a safe installation.

This standard applies to the installation of decorative fuel effect gas appliances in builder’s openings, fireplace recesses, flue boxes or under associated independent canopies. It does not cover the installation of flueless or room-sealed appliances.

This standard is not applicable to mobile and portable appliances in conformity with BS EN 449 or to appliances in touring caravans.

Contents include:

Normative references
Terms and definitions
Exchange of information and planning
Materials and components
Appliance fixing
Fire and related safety precautions
Gas supply
Electricity supplies and wiring
Instructions and use of fireguards
Advice to be given to the user
Calculation of clearance flue flow

BS 5871-3:2005 replaces BS 5871-3:2001 which has been withdrawn.

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