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BS 5864:2004 specifies the selection, installation and maintenance (see Note 1) of flued, gas-fired, ducted-air heaters of rated input not exceeding 70 kW, based on net calorific value, burning 2nd or 3rd family gases to heat one or more rooms or internal spaces in either domestic premises (see Note 2) or commercial premises.

It is applicable to warm air heaters that incorporate a fan to circulate the warm air.  It is also applicable to combined air heater/circulator installations and to the servicing and maintenance of heaters that distribute warm air by natural convection.

NOTE 1 For the purposes of this standard, installation includes design, inspection and commissioning. It is recognised that each of these tasks can be performed by the same person.

NOTE 2 As well as normally constructed dwellings, domestic premises include any permanently sited leisure accommodation vehicles, residential park homes and permanently moored boats. Particular and additional requirements exist for these categories of premises and can be found in IGE/UP/8 [10]. Neither this standard nor IGE/UP/8 [10] applies to gas installations in towed or motorized caravans.

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