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Guide to quality control and performance improvement using qualitative (attribute) data - Part 3: Technical aspects of attribute charting: special situation handling

Executive summary

Guidance on the technical and statistical foundations of attribute control charting dealing with special situations.


This British Standard, a part of the BS 5701 series, describes the technical and statistical foundations of attribute control charting. It also gives guidance on dealing with special situations.

This standard covers qualitative data fundamentals, limitations of standard control chart limits: appropriate counter measures, specialized design control charts and attribute charts for measured data situations.

Qualitative data can range from overall business figures such as percentage profit to detailed operational data such as percentage absenteeism, individual process parameters and product/service features. The data can either be expressed sequentially in yes/no, good/bad, present/absent, success/failure format, or as summary measures (e.g. counts of events and proportions).

History and related standards

This British Standard partially supersedes BS 5701:1980 and BS 2564:1955 and all four parts of BS 5701 together supersede BS 5701:1980 and BS 2564:1955, which are withdrawn.

It includes the following cross references:

BS EN ISO 9000:2000, BS ISO 3534-1, BS ISO 3534-2.

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