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Fire precautions in the design, construction and use of buildings - Part 12: Managing fire safety

Executive summary

Recommendations for the management of fire safety over the lifetime of a building.


This part of BS 5588 gives recommendations for the management of fire safety over the lifetime of a building, including guidance for designers to ensure that the overall design of a building assists and enhances the management of fire safety. It also provides guidance on fire equipment and fire safety manuals.

This British Standard provides generic guidance on the provision of fire precautions and facilities within a building. It addresses the issues that need to be considered during the design process as well as those that will apply whilst the building is in use or which need to be taken into account when alterations to the building or the use of it are being considered.

This standard is intended for use mainly by building designers and fire safety managers or their delegated representatives. It is also intended for use by building owners, who are likely to assume the role of fire safety manager in smaller premises.

This standard is not applicable to buildings under construction (i.e. new build prior to partial occupation).

History and related standards

This British Standard includes the following cross references:

BS 1635, BS 5266-1, BS 5306-0, BS 5306-1, BS 5306-2, BS 5306-3, BS 5306-4, BS 5306-5 (all sections), BS 5306-6 (all sections), BS 5306-8, BS 5499 (all parts), BS 5588-4, BS 5839-1, BS 5839-3, BS 5867-2:1980, BS 6263-2, BS 6651,

BS 7036 (all parts), BS 7176, BS 7346-2, BS 7346-3, BS 8214, BS EN 81-72,

BS EN 671 (all parts), BS EN 1155, BS EN 12101-2, BS EN 12416-2, BS EN 12845, BS ISO 14520 (all parts).

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