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Fire precautions in the design, construction and use of buildings - Part 11: Code of practice for shops, offices, industrial, storage and other similar buildings

Executive summary

Recommendations for fire precautions in the design, construction and facilities for shops, offices, industrial, storage and other similar buildings.


This part of BS 5588 relates to the following buildings:

a) shops and similar premises used for retail trade or business, including:

1) large premises such as department stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets excepting communal parts of shopping complexes;

2) premises where goods may not necessarily be sold over the counter but in which a trade or business is carried out, such as hairdressers’ salons, television rental shops and auction rooms;

3) cafes, restaurants, public houses and other places of refreshment;

4) premises where goods are received for treatment or repairs, such as dry cleaners, launderettes and shoe repair shops;

b) office buildings and offices incorporated in premises of other uses;

c) industrial buildings;

d) storage buildings;

e) similar buildings to those listed above including plant, but not buildings or parts of buildings used for assembly, or places of assembly;

f) laboratories.

This British Standard deals with the planning, construction, and facilities for occupant safety in the event of fire by warning systems, limiting travel distances, the provision of protected escape routes and safe access for firefighting, in new buildings and in alterations and extensions to existing buildings. It includes measures and facilities necessary for restricting the spread of smoke and fire beyond the source, and to prevent the ingress of smoke and heat into protected escape routes by pressure differential systems or other means. It also makes specific recommendations in terms of protection, number and location of exits and those measures to assist fire fighting, providing guidance on suppression and controlled ventilation systems for smoke and heat clearance.

History and related standards

This British Standard incorporates revisions of BS 5588-2:1985 and BS 5588-3:1983, which are withdrawn.

This standard includes the following cross references:

BS 476-4:1970, BS 476-8:1972, BS 476-11:1982, BS 476-20:1987,

BS 476-21:1987, BS 476-22:1987, BS 476-23:1987, BS 476-24:1987,

BS 476-31.1:1983, BS 750:1984, BS 799-5:1987, BS 4533, BS 5306-0:1986,

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BS EN 671-1:1995.

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