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Fire precautions in the design, construction and use of buildings. Part 0. Guide to fire safety codes of practice for particular premises/applications

Executive summary

Guidance on fire safety for particular premises/applications.


This British Standard, a part of the BS 5588 series, lists published guidance on fire safety for particular premises/applications.

This British Standard covers fire safety publications and guidance from the following bodies: Arson Prevention Bureau, British Standards Institution, Department for Education and Employment, Department of the Environment and the Welsh Office, Department of the Environment for Northern Ireland, Department of Health, Health and Safety Executive, Home Office, London District Surveyors Association/London Fire Brigade/Greater London Council, Loss Prevention Council/Fire Protection Association, Scottish Office and miscellaneous buildings.

History and related standards

Annex A to this British Standard provides a list of former regulations, codes of practice, standards and guides pertaining to all kinds of premises, including residential, commercial and industrial and, where applicable, gives details of current legislation and publications which have superseded or replaced them.

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