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Fire extinguishing installations and equipment on premises - Part 8: Selection and installation of portable fire extinguishers - Code of practice

Executive summary

Recommendations for the selection and installation of portable fire extinguishers on premises.


This part of BS 5306 provides recommendations on the suitability and siting of portable fire extinguishers, primarily those conforming to BS EN 3, that can be carried by one person and that are used for the protection of buildings and other premises and their contents.

This code of practice is fully applicable to large private houses and mansions.

This standard covers recommendations for general considerations, suitability of extinguishers for various classes of fire and distribution of extinguishers according to fire classification and rating of extinguisher.

This British Standard does not provide detailed recommendations for small private dwellings. The selection and location of portable extinguishers in aircraft, caravans and marine craft are also excluded.

History and related standards

This British Standard together with BS EN 3 supersedes BS 5306-3:1985 which is withdrawn.

This Standard includes the following cross references:

BS 4422-4, BS 5306-3, BS 7863, BS 7937, BS EN 2 (all parts), BS EN 1869.

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