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This part of BS 1722 specifies requirements for anti-intruder chain link or welded mesh fences and gates of at least 2.4 m in height for situations that require a higher level of protection than that offered by fences conforming to BS 1722-1. This British Standard also covers requirements for the installation of the fencing at the specified location. Provision is made for either single or double extension arms.

The aim of this standard is to establish minimum requirements for material and workmanship of the more common types of fence in order to ensure satisfactory service for the purchaser, and to assist manufacturers and erecting contractors by eliminating unnecessary minor variations in the demands of purchasers.

The specification given in this standard is suitable for use in industrial estates, airfields, oil and gas installation etc.

This revision of BS 1722-10 provides a more detailed specification for gates and locking devices. Further changes in this revision include clarification of the specification for posts and the use of heavier gate posts to act as fence strainers. The thickness of stirrup wire has been lowered to facilitate fixing of the mesh. Cube tests of concrete strength are now required and the frequency of testing is specified to ensure that regular quality checks are made.

BS 1722-10:2006 supersedes BS 1722-10:1999 which will be withdrawn

ISBN 0 580 49507 8

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