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This British Standard, a Part of the BS 1377 series, describes in-situ methods of test on soils for civil engineering purposes, i.e. tests made directly on the soil in place as distinct from laboratory tests, described in Parts 2 to 8 of this standard, for which samples first need to be taken. The methods described in this Part of BS 1377 have been arranged in groups either according to the purpose of the test or the mode of execution. These groups are as follows:

a) Five methods for the determination of the in-situ density.

b) Three methods for the determination of penetration resistances.

c) Four methods for the determination of the vertical deformation and strength characteristics.

d) Two methods for the determination of the in-situ corrosivity characteristics.

Regarding the in-situ test methods in BS 1377:1975, all have been retained except for Test 15(C), determination of the dry density of fine-, medium- and coarse-grained soils by the hand scoop method. Regarding Test 15(C), a new test for coarse-grained soils has been substituted, based on a water replacement method that provides a more reliable result.  For Test 19, determination of the penetration resistance using the split-barrel sampler, the method has been revised to conform more closely to international practice.

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