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This British Standard, a Part of the BS 1377 series, specifies methods of test for the classification of soil and for the determination of basic physical properties. Most of these tests are required for the classification of soils in accordance with BS 5930:1981. Some of the properties determined by these tests are required for tests described in other Parts of this standard.

Reference should be made to Part 1 of this standard for general requirements that are relevant to all Parts of  the series, and for methods of preparation of samples for testing.

The principal changes to the classification tests included in this edition of the standard are as follows:

a) Additions

  • Determination of the saturation moisture content of chalk.
  • Determination of the liquid limit by a one-point cone penetration test.
  • Determination of shrinkage limit.
  • Determination of bulk density by direct measurement of an undisturbed sample.
  • Determination of particle density using a large pyknometer (preserving jar).

b) Deletion

The alcohol and sand bath methods for the determination of moisture content.

c) Significant changes

Use of the ISO recommended series of sieve aperture sizes have been introduced as an alternative to existing sieve aperture sizes.

Procedures for fine particle size analysis by sedimentation have been amended. Pretreatment is not now mandatory, and the need for several corrections to test observations have been eliminated.

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