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This European Standard, a part of the BS EN 288-9 series, specifies how a welding procedure specification is approved by welding procedure tests for on land and offshore site butt welding of transmission pipelines under normal atmospheric conditions.

Tests are carried out in accordance with this standard unless additional tests (e.g. CTOD tests and all weld metal tensile tests) are specified by the relevant application standard or contract when these apply.

This standard defines the conditions for the execution of welding procedure approval tests and the limits of validity of an approved welding procedure for practical welding operations within the range of variables listed in clause 8.

It applies to the arc welding of steels of groups 1, 2 and 3 according to CR 12187. The principles of this standard can be applied to other fusion welding processes subject to agreement between the contracting parties.

The requirements for welding procedure specification and qualification for hyperbaric and “wet” welding are not covered by this supplementary standard.

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