BS 5489-1:2020 Expert Commentary Design of road lighting. Lighting of roads and public amenity areas. Code of practice

BS 5489-1:2020 ExComm

Expert Commentary for BS 5489-1:2020. Design of road lighting. Lighting of roads and public amenity areas. Code of practice

Status : Current   Published : May 2020


What will you receive?

The Expert Commentary document, with detailed information on the revision of BS 5489-1 done by industry experts.

What is BS 5489-1:2020 about?

BS 5489-1 is a revision of the British Standard for road lighting design. It provides guidance and recommendations that are intended to support the BS EN 13201 series and to assist designers of lighting systems in using that standard.

Who is BS 5489-1:2020 for?

The standard is essential for local authority lighting or highway professionals as well as professionals involved in lighting design or manufacture within the highway electrical sector. Users will be:

  • Electrical and mechanical engineers
  • Lighting engineers
  • Surveyors and road construction planners 
  • Civil engineers
  • Town planners and local government authorities
  • Lighting manufacturers

Why should you use BS 5489-1:2020?

It promotes a wider understanding of the lighting of roads and public amenity areas and gives guidance on the design decisions that need to be made. Rather than being prescriptive, it makes recommendations that are essential to the design process and that will enable production of designs that are appropriate and justifiable.

BS 5489-1:2020 includes:

  • Recommendations on the general principles of road lighting and its aesthetic and technical aspects
  • Guidance on operation and maintenance
  • Guidance on means of minimizing energy consumption and limiting the impact on the environment and adjacent property
  • Recommendations for the design of lighting for all types of highway and public thoroughfares, including those specifically for pedestrians and cyclists, and for pedestrian subways and bridges
  • Recommendations for the design of lighting for urban centres and public amenity areas
  • Recommendations and guidance for lighting relating to smart cities
  • Additional recommendations for lighting around aerodromes, railways, coastal waters, harbours and navigable waterways to minimize the possibility of the lighting interfering with these modes of transport.

NOTE: The lighting of vehicular tunnels and underpasses is covered in BS 5489-2.

How has BS 5489-1:2020 changed since the last update?

The principal changes compared to the 2013 edition are to align the standard with current best practice and with the BS EN 13201 series. New guidance is provided for lighting design when located within a “smart city” environment or when co-located with electric vehicle (EV) charging points. 

Standard NumberBS 5489-1:2020 ExComm
TitleExpert Commentary for BS 5489-1:2020. Design of road lighting. Lighting of roads and public amenity areas. Code of practice
Publication Date27 May 2020
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)No other standards are normatively referenced
Informative References(Provided for Information)No other standards are informatively referenced
DescriptorsFootpaths, Subways, Road lighting, Motorways, Bridges, Road-lighting lanterns, Urban areas, Motor roads, Lighting equipment, Parking areas, Roads, Main roads, Pedestrian roads, Town centres, Harbours, Road junctions, Railways, Road safety, Waterways, Airports, Lighting systems
ISBN978 0 539 14108 5
File Size511 KB

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