BS ISO 16840-10:2021 - Wheelchair seating. Resistance to ignition of postural support devices. Requirements and test method

BS ISO 16840-10:2021

Wheelchair seating. Resistance to ignition of postural support devices. Requirements and test method

Status : Current   Published : June 2021



This document specifies requirements and test methods to assess the resistance to ignition by smouldering cigarette equivalent of integrated or non-integrated components of a wheelchair intended to protect tissue integrity and/or provide postural support. The electronic ignition source is also a simulation of other potential sources of environmental ignition hazards.

The tests measure only the resistance to ignition of the items tested, and not the ignitability of the complete wheelchair. It gives an indication, but cannot guarantee, the ignition behaviour of the assembled devices of a complete wheelchair.

This document does not apply to resistance to ignition of structural parts of a wheelchair. This document does not cover changes in resistance to ignition as a result of regular washing or use of the postural support devices.

This document does not apply to the control of risks created by electrical and electronic components.

This document allows for the separate testing of components of a wheelchair that are normally used in the horizontal plane (e.g. a seat cushion) from those normally used in the vertical plane (e.g. a back support).

This document describes testing an assembly of the composite of materials as used in the component. The results of the tests in this document do not give any indication of the resistance to ignition of any of the separate individual materials of the test sample.


The intent of this document is primarily to address components that interface with the human body, such as cushions for positioning, or whose described purpose is that of protecting skin tissue against pressure, shear, and maceration related damage, as well as textile, foam, and plastic-based postural support devices.

Standard NumberBS ISO 16840-10:2021
TitleWheelchair seating. Resistance to ignition of postural support devices. Requirements and test method
Publication Date14 June 2021
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)ISO 554, ISO 7176-15, ISO 14971, ISO 7176-26:2007, ISO 8191-1:1987
Informative References(Provided for Information)ISO 10993-10, ISO 10993-1, ISO 7176-14, ISO 7176-16, ISO 10993-5, EN 1021-1:2014
ReplacesBS ISO 7176-16:2012, BS ISO 16840-10:2014
International RelationshipsISO 16840-10:2021
DescriptorsTest equipment, Mechanical testing, Patient transport equipment, Selection, Medical equipment, Physical testing, Seating, Aids for the disabled, Mechanical effects (human body), Wheelchairs, Human body, Cushions
Title in FrenchSièges de fauteuils roulants Résistance à l'inflammation des dispositifs de soutien postural. Exigences et méthode d'essai
ISBN978 0 539 13214 4
File Size1.832 MB

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