BS EN ISO/ASTM 52907:2019 - Additive manufacturing. Feedstock materials. Methods to characterize metal powders

BS EN ISO/ASTM 52907:2019

Additive manufacturing. Feedstock materials. Methods to characterize metal powders

Status : Current   Published : February 2020



This document provides technical specifications for metallic powders intended to be used in additive manufacturing and covers the following aspects:

  • documentation and traceability;

  • sampling;

  • particle size distribution;

  • chemical composition;

  • characteristic densities;

  • morphology;

  • flowability;

  • contamination;

  • packaging and storage.

This document does not deal with safety aspects.

In addition, this document gives specific requirements for used metallic powders in additive manufacturing.

Standard NumberBS EN ISO/ASTM 52907:2019
TitleAdditive manufacturing. Feedstock materials. Methods to characterize metal powders
Publication Date03 February 2020
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)EN 10204:2005, ISO 3954, ISO 3923-2, ISO 22412, ISO 3953, ISO 4497, ISO 13322-1, ASTM B527, ASTM B822, ISO 13322-2, ASTM B329, ISO 13320, ASTM B215, ISO/ASTM 52900, ASTM B243, ISO 3252, ASTM B214, ISO 2591-1, ISO 3923-1, ASTM B212, ASTM B417
Informative References(Provided for Information)ISO 22963, ASTM D7891, ASTM F1375, ASTM E1447, ASTM B964, ASTM E1941, ISO 17053, ISO 10720, ASTM E2371, ASTM E2792, ASTM B703, ASTM B923, ASTM E539, ISO/TS 80004-13, BS 1133-19, ASTM E2575, ISO 7526, DIN 55474, ASTM E2626, ASTM E2465, ISO 13902, ISO 4324, ISO 13517, ASTM E1569, ISO 4490, ISO 12154, ASTM D6773, ASTM E2594, ASTM E1409, ISO 7524, EN 1274, ISO 15351, ISO 7266, ISO 15349-2, ISO 15350, ISO 11873, ASTM F1877, ASTM B213, ASTM E572, ISO 9556, ISO/IEC 17050-1, ASTM E1019
International RelationshipsEN ISO/ASTM 52907:2019,ISO/ASTM 52907:2019
Draft Superseded By18/30364185 DC
DescriptorsProperties, Folders (files), Data structures, File organization (computers), Test methods, Additives, Quality, Production, Software engineering techniques
Title in FrenchFabrication additive. Matières premières. Méthodes pour caractériser les poudres métalliques
Title in GermanAdditive Fertigung. Technische Spezifikationen für Metallpulver
ISBN978 0 539 12144 5
File Size2.909 MB

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