BS 5930:2015+A1:2020 Code of practice for ground investigations

BS 5930:2015+A1:2020

Code of practice for ground investigations

Status : Current   Published : July 2015



What is BS 5930:2015+A1:2020?

BS 5930:2015+A1:2020 Code of practice for ground investigations helps to assess the suitability of sites for construction operations and civil engineering works. The standard also gives best practice recommendations to gather the right information on features of a site that might affect the design and construction of these works, as well as the safety of neighbouring land and property. BS 5930:2015+A1:2020 Code of practice for ground investigations assumes that the user has taken into account the wider environmental and economic considerations before choosing a specific site.

The benefits of using BS 5930 are:

  • Full adoption of the standard by the whole supply chain in geotechnical design and ground investigation will ensure that clients (and thus the economy) are achieving the best possible results in terms of efficiency and avoidance of failures including delays and excessive costs
  • The standard will ensure that UK practitioners are carrying out their work in ground investigation and geotechnical design in accordance with the latest BS EN ISO test standards, and thereby should not have to resort to different methods of work when operating in other countries
  • Complete, accurate and informative description of the soils and rocks encountered
  • Explanation of the steps and technical measures required to implement BS EN 1997-2 and all related standards
  • Reference to and understanding of the equipment necessary to carry out ground investigation, in particular in carrying out tests in the field and laboratory, when these might be deployed to maximum advantage
  • The most appropriate equipment is deployed to carry out ground investigation from selection of exploratory techniques, to methods of sampling, testing and measurement
  • Complete reporting of the investigation for use by others in the design chain whether by paper, pdf and digital data transfer formats.

Standard NumberBS 5930:2015+A1:2020
TitleCode of practice for ground investigations
Publication Date31 July 2015
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ReplacesBS 5930:1999+A2:2010
Amended ByAmendment, May 2020
Draft Superseded By19/30400753 DC
DescriptorsOccupational safety, Land, Surveys, Physical testing, Samples, Soil sampling, Soil-testing equipment, Ecology, Construction operations, Classification systems, Sampling methods, Mechanical testing, Log sheets, Land pollution, Quarries, Quality assurance, Aerial photography, Soil drilling, Geological analysis, Field testing, Soils, Industrial, Sampling equipment, Soil testing, Laboratory testing, Extraction (minerals), Mining, Test specimens, Geology, Hydrology, Site investigations, Reports, Selection, Planning, Personnel, Density measurement, Soil surveys, Safety measures, Design, Geophysical measurement, Excavations, Defects, Ground water, Symbols, Rocks
ISBN978 0 539 05986 1
File Size21.69 MB

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