ASTM UOP99 - 07 - Pentane-Insoluble Matter in Petroleum Oils Using a Membrane Filter

ASTM UOP99 - 07

Pentane-Insoluble Matter in Petroleum Oils Using a Membrane Filter

Status : Current   Published : November 2007



This method is for the determination of pentane-insolubles in petroleum oils and is applicable to samples that are fluid at about 37°C or lower temperatures. This method covers the range of 0.01 to about 20 mass-% pentane-insolubles. Solid particulate materials interfere. The data provided by this method may be used as an index to coking tendency of petroleum oils when considering their suitability as charge stocks to cracking or other processes.

More viscous or solid materials such as asphalts may be handled by using the modification described in the Appendix.

A similar test method for heptane-insolubles, for samples that are fluid at 80°C, is UOP Method 614, Heptane-Insoluble Matter in Petroleum Oils by Membrane Filtration, which also mentions toluene-insolubles in a Note. ASTM Method D 4055, Pentane Insolubles by Membrane Filtration, is also similar in technique, but is written for particulates in lubricating oils rather than asphaltenes.

Standard NumberASTM UOP99 - 07
TitlePentane-Insoluble Matter in Petroleum Oils Using a Membrane Filter
Publication Date13 November 2007
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)No other standards are normatively referenced
Informative References(Provided for Information)No other standards are informatively referenced
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