19/30397161 DC - BS EN 1332-3. Identification card systems. User Interface. Part 3. Key pads

19/30397161 DC

BS EN 1332-3. Identification card systems. User Interface. Part 3. Key pads

Status : Draft for public comment, Current   Published : September 2019



This document covers the ergonomic layout and usability of keypads. The keypad may consist of numeric, command and function keys and alphanumeric characters. On the basis that keypad layout impacts performance (keying speed, and errors), this document aims to:

  • enhance usability;

  • ensure ease of use through consistency;

  • increase customer confidence;

  • reduce customer error;

  • improve operating time;

  • ensure ergonomic data entry.

This document specifies the arrangement, the number and location of numeric, function and command keys, including placement of alphabetic characters on numeric keys. Design requirements and recommendations are also provided.

This document applies to all identification card systems with a numeric keypad for use by the public for stationary or non-stationary devices. This document also covers keypads on touch sensitive devices.

Standard Number19/30397161 DC
TitleBS EN 1332-3. Identification card systems. User Interface. Part 3. Key pads
StatusDraft for public comment, Current
Publication Date02 September 2019
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)No other standards are normatively referenced
Informative References(Provided for Information)ITU-T F.902:1995, EN ISO 9241-410:2008, ISO/IEC 9995-4:2009, CEN/TS 15291:2006, ITU-T E161:2001, ETSI ES 201 381:1998, EN ISO 9241-400:2007, EN 29241-2:1993, ISO/IEC 9995-5:2009, DIN 32986:2015, EN ISO 9241-420:2011, ISO/IEC 9995-1:2009, ISO 9355-1:1999, ISO 9355-2:1999, EN 60073:2002, ISO 9564-1:2017
International RelationshipsprEN 1332-3
Draft Expiry Date21 October 2019
DescriptorsCards, Keys (keyboards), Design, Ergonomics, Aids for the disabled, Computer peripheral equipment, Machine-readable materials, Character sets, Computer terminals, Performance, Layout, Colour codes, Identity cards, Keyboards, Interfaces, Identification methods
Title in FrenchSystèmes de cartes d'identification — Interface utilisateur — Partie 3:Claviers Partie 3:Claviers
Title in GermanIdentifikationskartensysteme - Schnittstelle Mensch - Maschine Teil 3: Tastenfelder
File Size344 KB
NotesWarning: this draft is not current beyond its expiry date for comments.

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