BS 1722-10:2019 - TC Tracked Changes. Fences. Specification for anti-intruder fences in chain link and welded mesh

BS 1722-10:2019 - TC

Tracked Changes. Fences. Specification for anti-intruder fences in chain link and welded mesh

Status : Current   Published : May 2019


What is a tracked changes standard? 

A tracked changes version of a Standard indicates the changes made, during the standards revision process, between the active standard and its previous version. Additions, deletions, and other formatting and/or content revisions are clearly displayed as underlined and strikethrough texts, ensuring all changes made between the two documents are quickly and easily identified.

What is this standard about?

This revised British Standard supplies an up-to-date specification for anti-intruder chain link and welded mesh fences and gates. It covers fence materials, their combination and installation. 

Who is this standard for?

  • Manufacturers and designers of anti-intruder fence systems and components
  • Installers, fixers and commissioning engineers
  • Specifying authorities and purchasers including national and local government authorities, utilities, commercial and security specifiers
  • Users including: operators, Health & Safety Managers, maintenance personnel
  • Trade associations and reference sources

Why should you use this standard?

This part of BS 1722 specifies requirements for anti-intruder chain link or welded mesh fences and gates of at least 2.4 m in height for situations that require a higher level of protection than that offered by fences conforming to BS 1722-1. The standard also includes requirements for the installation of the fencing at the specified location and requirements for protective treatments. It specifies:

  • Concrete and steel posts
  • Struts
  • Steel gates
  • Gate posts
  • Zinc and plastic coated wire and mesh infill
  • The combinations of components available to users

NOTE 1: Maintenance requirements for the fence after installation are outside the scope of this standard.

NOTE 2: Annex C provides details of the fence requirements and installation site that should be agreed between the fence supplier and purchaser at the time of ordering a fence. However, as conditions vary from site to site, Annex C should not be assumed to be exhaustive.

What’s changed since the last update?

The 2019 edition reflects advancements in manufacturing, installation and commissioning techniques as well as in the technology used to producing the basic materials of the fence and posts including wire, wire mesh, concrete, timber and galvanised steel. It also updates safety requirements.

Standard NumberBS 1722-10:2019 - TC
TitleTracked Changes. Fences. Specification for anti-intruder fences in chain link and welded mesh
Publication Date10 May 2019
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)BS EN 10240, BS EN 10088-1, BS 1722-1, BS EN ISO 12944, BS EN 1011-2, BS EN 1011-1, BS EN ISO 2063, BS EN 12620, BS EN 10223-1, BS 7371-3, BS 8500, BS 4320, BS EN 10088-3, BS EN ISO 1461, BS EN 10244-2, BS 7371-6, BS EN 12878, BS EN ISO 9606-1, BS 1722-16, BS EN 10223-4, BS EN 10223-6:2012, BS 4102:1998
Informative References(Provided for Information)BS EN 1991-1-4, BS EN 10056-1, BS EN 10219-1, BS EN 1176-1, BS EN 10296-1, BS 1722-12, BS EN 10219-2, BS 4-1, BS EN ISO 14713, BS EN 10255, BS EN 10210-1, BS EN 10025-2, DIN 1615, BS EN 10210-2, BS 1722-1, BS 1722-14, BS EN 12839:2001
DescriptorsStrength of materials, Meshes, Crime prevention devices, Ordering, Installation, Fences, Fence posts, Chains, Barriers, Dimensional tolerances, Reinforced concrete, Wires, Steels, Gates, Locking and locating devices, Concretes, Struts, Dimensions, Wire netting, Barbed wire, Corrosion protection, Bars (materials), Erecting (construction operation), Certificates of conformity, Hinges, Components, Supports, Anti-vandalism measures, Anti-burglar measures
ISBN978 0 539 04863 6
File Size2.826 MB

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