BS ISO 4874:2020 - Tobacco. Sampling of batches of raw material. General principles

BS ISO 4874:2020

Tobacco. Sampling of batches of raw material. General principles

Status : Current   Published : January 2020



This document specifies the general principles to be applied when sampling batches of raw tobacco in order to assess either

  • the mean value of one or more of its characteristics, or

  • the heterogeneity of one or more of its characteristics.

Manufactured tobacco products, including products intended for sale or distribution, are specifically not included in the scope of this document.

This document is applicable to the sampling of batches of raw tobacco of the following types:

  1. leaf tobacco:

    1. flue cured;

    2. air cured;

    3. sun cured;

    4. fire cured;

  2. pretreated raw tobacco:

    1. which has undergone fermentation (in packages not intended for retail or wholesale sales or distribution, in bulk, in chambers);

    2. which has been partially or completely stemmed;

    3. which is in the form of stems;

    4. which is in the form of waste and remnants;

    5. which has been reconstituted in the form of strips.

Standard NumberBS ISO 4874:2020
TitleTobacco. Sampling of batches of raw material. General principles
Publication Date13 January 2020
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)No other standards are normatively referenced
Informative References(Provided for Information)ISO 8243:2013, ISO 3534-2, ISO 3534-1
ReplacesBS 6245-1:2001, ISO 4874:2000
International RelationshipsISO 4874:2020
DescriptorsSampling methods, Tobacco testing, Heterogeneity, Tobacco, Raw materials, Mean
Title in FrenchTabac. Échantillonnage des lots de matières premières. Principes généraux
ISBN978 0 539 04690 8
File Size1.047 MB

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