BS EN 12193:2018 Light and lighting. Sports lighting

BS EN 12193:2018

Light and lighting. Sports lighting

Status : Current   Published : December 2018



What is this standard about?

This document specifies lighting for those indoor and outdoor sports events most practised in Europe. This document only considers artificial lighting. It provides lighting values for the design and control of sports lighting installations in terms of illuminances, uniformity, glare restriction and colour properties of the light sources. All requirements are intended to be as minimum requirements. It also gives methods by which these values are measured. For the limitation of glare, it also points out restrictions on the location of the luminaires for specific applications.

For emergency lighting this document refers to the requirements of EN 1838.

Standard NumberBS EN 12193:2018
TitleLight and lighting. Sports lighting
Publication Date14 December 2018
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)EN 12665:2011, EN 1838, EN 13032-1
Informative References(Provided for Information)EN 13032-3, CIE 45:1979, EN 13032-2, CIE 117:1995, EN 12464-2, EN ISO 52000-1, CIE 154:2003, CIE 169:2005, CIE 150:2003, EN 12464-1, CIE 67:1986, CIE 112:1994, CIE 33:1977, CIE 57:1983, CIE 42:1978, CIE 97:2005, DIN 5032-7, CIE 115:2010, CIE 58:1983, EN 15193-1, CIE 126:1997, CIE 83:1989, CIE 62:1984, EN 13201-3:2015, EN 62722-2-1:2016, ISO/CIE 19476:2014, CEN/TR 15193-2:2017
ReplacesBS EN 12193:2007
International RelationshipsEN 12193:2018
Amended ByCorrigendum, February 2019
DescriptorsIlluminance, Sports facilities, Electric lamps, Sports, Performance, Size, Colour, Lighting systems, Safety measures, Playing fields, Lighting equipment, Performance testing, Glare, Installation, Optical measurement, Dimensions, Maintenance, Mathematical calculations, Testing conditions, Luminaires, Optical properties of materials
Title in FrenchLumière et éclairage. Éclairage des installations sportives
Title in GermanLicht und Beleuchtung. Sportstättenbeleuchtung
ISBN978 0 539 04041 8
File Size1.634 MB

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