BS EN ISO 7027-1:2016 Water quality. Determination of turbidity. Quantitative methods

BS EN ISO 7027-1:2016

Water quality. Determination of turbidity. Quantitative methods

Status : Current   Published : July 2016



What is this standard about?

This part of ISO 7027 specifies two quantitative methods using optical turbidimeters or nephelometers for the determination of turbidity of water:

a) nephelometry, procedure for measurement of diffuse radiation, applicable to water of low turbidity (for example drinking water);

b) turbidimetry, procedure for measurement of the attenuation of a radiant flux, more applicable to highly turbid waters (for example waste waters or other cloudy waters).

Turbidities measured according to the first method are presented as nephelometric turbidity units (NTU). The results typically range between <0,05 NTU and 400 NTU. Depending on the instrument design, it can also be applicable to waters of higher turbidity. There is numerical equivalence of the units NTU and formazin nephelometric unit (FNU).

Turbidity measured by the second method is expressed in formazin attenuation units (FAU), results typically range between 40 FAU and 4 000 FAU.

Standard NumberBS EN ISO 7027-1:2016
TitleWater quality. Determination of turbidity. Quantitative methods
Publication Date31 July 2016
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)CIE Publication No. 17
Informative References(Provided for Information)BS ISO 5725-2:2019, ISO 5725-2:2019, ISO 5725-1, ISO 3864-1
ReplacesBS EN ISO 7027:2000, BS 6068-2.13:2000
International RelationshipsEN ISO 7027-1:2016,ISO 7027-1:2016
Amended ByCorrigendum, February 2019
DescriptorsPrecision, Turbidity, Effluents (sewage), Quality, Photometry (chemical analysis), Water testing, Dispersions (chemical), Water supply, Chemical analysis and testing, Surface water, Water pollution, Test equipment, Water, Sewage, Wastes, Water resources, Testing conditions, Optical measurement, Potable water, Turbidimetry
Title in FrenchQualité de l'eau. Détermination de la turbidité Méthodes quantitatives
Title in GermanWasserbeschaffenheit. Bestimmung der Trübung. Quantitative Verfahren
ISBN978 0 539 03759 3
File Size786 KB

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